New life for old clothes

Consuming fashion in a more sustainable way involves closing the loop from the earliest stage of production to disposal. Giving new life to your old (or not really that old) clothing is the best way to close the loop.

Below is a list of organizations and retailers who help do just that. Currently, we list resources for a limited number of cities so please tell us about your favorites.


Success In Style (MD) - A partner of ours and perhaps the best model for what to do with gently used clothing.

Charity's and Phil's Closet (MD) - Gently used clothing for women and men respectively. All proceeds help to support Success In Style.

Cherie Amour (MD) - Gently used bridal-related dresses. All proceeds help to support Success In Style.

Georgia Avenue Thrift Store (MD) - a real thrift store experience brought to you by the Thrifty-thrift people. 

The Salvation Army (Annandale, VA) - Huge selection and a thorough search will yield fabulous results.

New York/New Jersey:

List of second hand retailers in NYC on Racked .


List of second hand retailers in Raleigh, North Carolina on Indyweek

List of second hand retailers in Atlanta, Georgia on AJC .

Although it is headquartered in Washington DC, The ACDN, or The Alliance for Career Devlopment Non Profits is a great source for finding non profit organizations like Success In Style all around the nation (and even Australia).

Please be patient while we review on-line second-hand sources. We want to make sure that each retailer is a major score for fashion recyclers!