Based in Washington, DC, the Fashion Intelligence Project is a collaboration among fashion marketing students at the Busch School of Business at the Catholic University of America and local social entrepreneurs in and around the fashion industry.

We promote efforts to consider the social impact of fashion choices:

 "Our choices of fashion greatly affect our health, happiness, and the health and happiness of everyone else on our planet. We believe in a person-centered approach to choosing fashion so that four critical questions should be asked when creating, selling, advising on, or purchasing any kind of fashion:

1. Does the fashion uphold and affirm the dignity of the woman or man wearing it?

2. Does the fashion add real value for this person in ways which enhance her or his happiness and well-being?

3. Was the fashion sourced, manufactured and distributed in conditions which uphold and affirm the dignity of the women and men involved?

4. Is the item of fashion ​​a product of a system which is environmentally and economically sustainable? 

We believe that the most effective fashion professionals are the ones who inspire their colleagues, clients, employees, and friends to consider social impact when choosing fashion products and services. It is the mission of The Fashion Intelligence Project to educate through our on-line resources, partner training programs, and seminars; Empower through networking and marketing opportunities; And  provide a sense of solidarity among those who "think before consuming." 

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Slow Fashion:
The Social Impact of Thoughtful Consumption